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1. **Logo Display on Event Backdrop**: Achieve unparalleled brand visibility as your logo adorns the event's main backdrop, capturing the attention of attendees and viewers online through extensive photo and video coverage.

2. **Brand Name on Event Fliers**: Your brand will be prominently featured on all event fliers, ensuring widespread recognition and anticipation for your involvement leading up to the grand day.

3. **Recognition on Red Carpet Media Wall**: Position your brand on the glamorous red carpet media wall, a focal point for celebrity interviews and guest arrivals, guaranteeing your brand is associated with the event's most memorable moments.

4. **Inclusion on Official Event Shirt**: Cement your brand's presence by having your name featured on the official event shirt, offering enduring exposure as these shirts are worn long after the lights go down on this spectacular evening.

Please check out with all of your companies current information : 

1) Representative Name

2) Company Name

3) Phone Number 

4) Correct Email Address